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Absolute Net Lease - Single Tenant Real Estate Investments

Our specific requirements with respect to investment quality absolute net lease transactions are facilities that are 100% net leased to investment-grade credit tenants on long-term leases. The Herrick Company purchases investment quality single tenant net lease deals for all cash.

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Credit: The Herrick Company seeks investment-grade credit rated companies, including both domestic and foreign private companies, with a minimum net worth of $100 million.
Industries: The Herrick Company invests in investment-grade companies from a variety of industries including, but not limited to: retail, medical, energy, utilities, aerospace and defense, manufacturing, professional services, transportation, industrial, and hospitality.
Lease Term: Long-term: 10 year minimum, 20 years + preferred.
Location: Nationwide.
Property Types: The Herrick Company invests in single-tenant commercial real estate properties used by investment-grade credit tenants as headquarter/office buildings, retail buildings or industrial buildings, as well as existing and to-be-built hospital facilities, medical offices, energy facilities including power and ethanol plants, motel and hotel facilities and call centers.
Transaction Size: There is no maximum limit to the amount of capital, along with debt, that The Herrick Company can place in an investment grade absolute net lease transaction.
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