Dear Mr. Herrick,

Congratulations on youíre having been selected to be honored as one of the recipients of our Jerusalem 3000 Award. Your commitment to Israel and the Jewish People makes you a truly deserved recipient.

The presentation of your award will be an official part of our year long Jerusalem 3000 Celebration commemorating the 3000th Anniversary of King Davidís founding of the Holy City and proclaiming it the eternal capital of the Jewish People. In addition to the award, your name will be engraved, along with fellow co-honorees, on a Jerusalem 3000 Tribute Statue, which will stand directly and permanently in view of the Western Wall. The awards will be presented and the tribute statue unveiled Saturday night, December 9, 1995, in Jerusalem, at a gala dinner and show hosted by Larry King, who will join Jerusalem Mayor Ehud Olmert and me in honoring you.

Your acceptance of the award in Jerusalem will be of enormous help in conveying to the world the message of Jerusalem 3000. We hope for even greater cooperation between Christians, Moslems and Jews in Jerusalem. But we also want it known that Jerusalem is the heart and soul of Israel, an everlasting symbol of Jewish continuity and survival, and the eternal capital of the Jewish People. I cannot tell you how much your involvement in Jerusalem 3000 will help to increase our ability to get this crucial message across.

Mr. Norton Herrick
2295 Corporate Boulevard N.W. #222
Boca Raton, FL 33431

As we all know, the future of Israel and Jewish survival lies with the next generation of Jewish youth. That is why we must strive to have all Jewish young adults visit Israel and experience their homeland before they begin making major life-time choices. I am very pleased that all those involved have designated that funds raised from the gala will be earmarked for enabling college age students to participate in an intensive touring and learning program in Israel.

I hope you will agree to accept the Jerusalem 3000 Award, and I look forward to seeing you.

Sincerely yours,
Yitzhak Rabin - Signature
Yitzhak Rabin