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Investment Criteria

40 Years in Business - Income Properties - $5 Billion The Herrick Company is one of the nation’s largest and most successful real estate investment firms. Since 1960, we have purchased, owned and sold income properties valued in excess of $5 billion. The Herrick Company is a builder, developer and investor in all types of real estate including credit tenant net lease transactions, residential apartment buildings and complexes, commercial office, warehouse and industrial buildings, land, retail shopping centers, homes and condominiums.

Today, its acquisition emphasis includes an array of investment quality net lease transactions. The Herrick Company, through its affiliates, including HH Capital Advisors, LLC, Herrick Entertainment, LLC and Elayne Stables #5, LLC, is also an investor in non-real estate transactions, including electricity generating power plants, entertainment and art-related businesses and thoroughbred horses.

The Herrick Company acts strictly as a principal. Because our funds are immediately available, we are able to make immediate acquisition decisions and close deals quickly. With an average 45-day closing time frame, The Herrick Company has earned the reputation of being one of the nation’s fastest deal closers.

Throughout the past forty years, our acquisition emphasis has steadily diversified according to economic conditions to include residential real estate (primarily apartments) and existing and to-be-built office, retail, industrial, warehouse and other single-tenant commercial real estate. Our most recent acquisition emphasis has focused on an array of investment quality net lease transactions located throughout the nation.

Non-Real Estate Investments

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*All references to "The Herrick Company" on this website shall refer to "The Herrick Company, in its capacity as an advisor for single purpose ownership entities."

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