The Herrick Company, over the years, has diversified its investments to include holdings which are not real estate related. While there are no set criteria for non-real estate investments, The Herrick Company will consider any investment that is built upon a solid foundation for success with significant upside potential. The Herrick Company, through its affiliates, including HH Capital Advisors, LLC, Herrick Entertainment, LLC, and Elayne Stables #5, LLC, engages in non-real estate transactions, including electricity generating power plants, and entertainment and art-related businesses and investments.

History of Non-Real Estate Related Investments

Throughout the years, The Herrick Company has diversified its investments to also include non-real estate transactions, including power plants (electricity generating and ethanol producing), entertainment and art-related businesses and similar investments.

The Walking Company
In the 1980s, The Herrick Company established NH Fine Art Holdings LLC, which owns and sells the nation’s largest private collection of LeRoy Neiman original paintings and serigraphs. Also during the 80’s, The Herrick Company became an early investor in The Walking Company, Inc., a leading specialty retailer of high quality, technically designed comfort shoes and accessories operating over 130 stores in premiums malls across the nation today. During the 1990’s, Mr. Herrick and his team of professionals were chosen by the City of Orlando, Florida to bring a Major League Baseball expansion team to the city. Although Mr. Herrick was approved by Major League Baseball to be an MLB team owner, Orlando was not chosen by MLB to receive an expansion team, Mr. Herrick, determined in his effort to bring a major league sports team to the city, founded The Orlando Jackals roller hockey team, one of the 18 teams of Roller Hockey International (RHI), the nation’s first and foremost professional roller hockey league. As owner of the franchise, Mr. Herrick led the team to an RHI World Championship.

Also during the 90’s, Mr. Herrick founded the world’s first direct mail order club for audiobooks. The Audio Book Club, Inc. went public in 1997 and shortly thereafter, changed its name to MediaBay, Inc. (NASDAQ NMS: MBAY). As MediaBay's Chairman, Mr. Herrick led the company through numerous strategic acquisitions, which placed it firmly at the forefront of the $1 billion spoken audio industry. With over $60 million in annual gross revenues by 1999, primarily from the sale of audio books and classic radio shows in hard goods format (cassettes and compact discs), the company began to also focus on the emerging digital audio (for download) industry. In 2003, Mr. Herrick stepped down as Chairman and a director of the company, in order to return his focus to the real estate industry.

My One And Only, 2009
The new millennium finds The Herrick Company emerged in both real estate and non-real estate transactions. In 2004, The Herrick Company became an executive producer of the feature film Madison, an Addison Street Films Production starring Jim Caviezel, Bruce Dern, Paul Dooley and Jake Lloyd. In 2006, The Herrick Company, through an affiliate, became an executive producer and financier of the musical Hairspray, which premiered at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas on February 15, 2006. Also in 2006, The Herrick Company became an executive producer of the spectacular stage adaptation of The Lord of the Rings, which premiered in Toronto, Canada in March 2006 and then in London during the summer of 2007. In 2008, Herrick Entertainment, LLC began production on the major motion picture, My One And Only, starring Renee Zellweger, Logan Lerman and Kevin Bacon, to be released in U.S. theaters August 2009. Also in 2008, the company was an executive producer of the Broadway revival of David Mamet's American Buffalo, starring John Leguizamo, Cedric the Entertainer and Haley Joel Osment.

Fibrominn 55 Megawatt poultry-litter fueled power plant in Benson, Minnesota
Additionally, through its affiliates, including HH Capital Advisors, LLC, The Herrick Company has turned its attention to structured finance transactions focusing on project finance and renewable energy, including electricity generating power plants. In December 2004, The Herrick Company and its affiliate, HH Capital Advisors, LLC, completed the purchase and leaseback of the Fibrominn 55 Megawatt poultry-litter fueled power plant in Benson, Minnesota with $202 million in financing led by Prudential Capital Group, John Hancock Financial Services and Metropolitan Life. This first-of-its-kind poultry-litter fueled power plant in the US and the largest in the world will generate 55MW of electricity from approximately 700,000 tons per year of turkey litter in combination with agricultural biomass.

The Company's experience with energy-related transactions dates back to the late 1990s and an investment in Oil & Gas Investments, LLC, the owner of interests in oil and gas leases in the state of Louisiana.

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