Do you enjoy intellectual discussions about movies? If so, the University of Miami’s Norton Herrick Center for Motion Picture Studies has something to offer.

The Herrick Center in UM’s School of Communication has a collection of about 3,500 films and television shows. Each fall and spring, the center screens at least two movies from its collection and invites the public to come enjoy at UM’s Bill Cosford Cinema at 1111 Memorial Drive on campus.

Scholars or filmmakers give a talk or presentation before the film, then a question-and-answer period follows the screening. Typically, a reception with refreshments is held before or after the event.

“The best part is that you don’t just go to see a movie and then go home, there is a time for analysis,” said Christina Lane, Ph.D., director of the center and associate professor on the motion picture faculty.

The mission of the Norton Herrick Center for Motion Picture Studies is to promote the advancement of the aesthetic, historical and social implications of film and media.