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Transaction Highlights September 2007


Herrick Company transactions from 2007, included the purchase of Bethlehem Steel Corp. Headquarters Campus and 19 medical office properties leased to Sparks Health System office properties. Sales included Southwestern Bell Call Center and Kohl's Department Store.

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Transaction Highlights May 2005


Herrick Company transactions from 2005, included the purchase of the Fibrominn 55 Megawatt Poultry-litter-fired power plant; and the sale of the land remainder interests of 11 Kroger Supermarkets, the Nestles Distribution Center, and the CIBA Geigy Production Facility.

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Transaction Highlights September 2004


Herrick Company transactions from 2004, included the purchase of Kohl's Dept. Store, Home Depot Expo Store, and a Southwestern Bell Call Center. Sales included Wal-Mart, U.S. Bank of Washington, and a Niagra Mohawk Facility.

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Transaction Highlights May 2001


Herrick Company transactions from 2001, included the sale of 10 Wal-Marts, 5 Circuit Cities, 6 acres of residentially zoned land on Federal Highway, 3 US West buildings, and the Centennial Airport/Conference Center.

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Transaction Highlights April 2001


Herrick Company transactions from 2001, included the sale to CarrAmerica of our 4 Class A office towers leased to US West, sale of Quail Oaks Apartments, River Bend Apartments, Borders Book Store, expansion of Wal-Mart in Statesboro, GA and the sale of Wal-Mart in Meadville, PA.

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Transaction Highlights February 2001


Herrick Company transactions from 2001, included the purchase of the Mony Headquarters Facility, 39 motel from Accor/Motel 6, Niagara Mohawk Facility, the land remainder of the Ciba Geigy Production Facility and 11 Kroger Supermarkets.

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Accor Completes $1.1 Billion Sale Leaseback Program for Motel 6


DALLAS - Oct. 6, 1998--Motel 6 has completed an innovative sale leaseback program for a significant number of its properties. This strategy will free up Motel 6's financial resources, while still retaining management of its properties. In the program, 288 Motel 6 locations, totaling 33,000 rooms, were sold at a price of $1.1 billion, [...]

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Day of the Jackal


Orlando Mayor Glenda Hood gets a good look on Tuesday afternoon at the Murphy Cup — awarded to the Orlando Jackals for their 1996 Roller Hockey International championship — that Jackals owner Norton Herrick brought to Orlando City Hall. – The Orlando Sentinel

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Jackals win championship


Orlando ousted the Anaheim Bullfrogs, 8-4, to take the Roller Hockey International title in the team's first year. – The Orlando Sentinel

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